We are excited to announce the introduction of GoDesign, the iPhone app for Interior Designers. This revolutionary new business platform will enable users to keep their  entire office in their pocket while organizing every detail; clients, vendors, projects, rooms or items.

From concept to installation, keep track of it all with a few taps.

GoDesign can instantly:

- Organize Project Items by Room & Category        

- Compare & Contrast Items prior to purchase

- Create & Email your clients personalized Tear Sheets

- Create & Email your clients a Shop List sorted by proximity with GPS to cover the most ground possible in a day

- Create a vendor specific Contact List


Attention Product Specifiers: Customizable databases will let you tailor this App to suit your market. Users can add their own categories of items for multiple disciplines: Art Galleries, Fashion Boutiques, School Portfolios, etc.



Maximize Your Time. GoDesign.